Research data

Each research product version should (typically) link to a file repository which is pointing to the stored data. In which level of detail those data are registered is user dependent.


The indexing of data within an identified file repository can be automatized in large parts if the proper access rights to the data storage system are in place.

Registration of data

As a first simple registration, only the file repository is described with generic properties (e.g., storage size, name, hosted by) and a pointer (internationalized resource identifier; IRI) to the main data folder. In case of access restrictions to the data, this registration might be the only solution to link metadata to data.

In case access restriction is not an issue, the registration could additionally index all data files that are part of the registered file repository with individual file properties (e.g., storage size, name, format) and a specific file pointer (IRI).

Moreover, the indexed data files can be further grouped into customized file bundles along or across the original hierarchical organization within the file repository.